Classic Gaming Sega Style! Sega Dreamcast - Relive the Classics!

Right now there are few Dreamcast emulators available, much more work seems to be going into writing apps and games that actually play on the Dreamcast. Dreamcast has become the homebrew'ers heaven as you do not need a modchip to boot backups.

Sega Dreamcast Bios Files

The following Zip file contains the two files needed to run DC emulators.

Download: Dreamcast Bios Files

Chankast Chankast Homepage

Right now Chankast is really the only Dreamcast emulator worth noting. DreamEMU is another but has not had an upate in almost 4 years. Chankast runs alot of games at near full speed and is your best choice for DC Emulation.

Download: Chankast Alpha .25